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Survey Tools

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Surveys are great tools to help students collect information and then interpret and analyse the results. There are numerous online options to create surveys. Most of these will collate the results into a spreadsheet and then sometimes create graphs that assist students analysis of the data.


Google Forms - using our schools Google App Account - www.email.iss.edu.sg

Survey Monkey - www.surveymonkey.com






Practical examples to support learning


Extended Writing Responses in Economics  Small class used this document to plan an extended response question. I directed the class discussion first using the document on the projector. As I brought up the main points they needed to type in a rough plan as a group. Once the plan was created, the members of the class picked separate paragraphs to explain and elaborate. In the following lesson the class used the highlighter function to identify pieces of the work that they did not understanding. I could ask the writer to clarify their point.


Internal Assessment Articles As a class we want to record articles which are of interest to our current teaching. These could be used a later date. Once the student has referenced an article they add a small synopsis to the document.


Here are just a few other ingenious ideas to support learning

  • Promote group collaboration and creativity by having your students record their group projects together in a single doc.
  • Facilitate writing as a process by encouraging students to write in a document shared with you. You can check up on their work at any time, provide insight and help using the comments feature, and understand better each students strengths.
  • This is especially good for reflection in the Visual Art subjects and to keep a journal. They can share the link of their google doc with the teacher.
  • Google Docs could also be useful for Extended Essay and Personal Project work, where the teacher has a link to the evolving piece of work.




Exercises to try



  1. Watch the Google Forms video above.



  1. Complete all of the novice tasks above.



  1. Complete both the basic and apprentice sections above



  1. Complete all of the sections above





Further reading/exploration


This is a really good overview about the difference between a wiki and blog and Google doc. The differences are very subtle and hard to articulate, but this document does an ok job at contrasting the three options https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=ddnzwcn8_15g3jrbpdf


See here for a very indepth view of Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets, presenter, drawing)



Below is a good step by step worksheet on setting up Google Docs



The following link if for a Extended Course run by Google on using docs in the classroom




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