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Digital Notetaking

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Digital note-taking is the key part of being a student in a 1:1 laptop school. The development of this form of literacy in students is an important part of being a successful 21st century students. We use a variety of tools to assist students to take notes. The simplistic applications are suitable but other offer more collaborative tools and options.






Practical examples to support learning



Exercises to try



  1. Watch the 



  1. Complete all of the novice tasks above.





  1. Complete both the basic and apprentice sections above



  1. Complete all of the sections above





Further reading/exploration


This is a really good overview about the difference between a wiki and blog and Google doc. The differences are very subtle and hard to articulate, but this document does an ok job at contrasting the three options https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=ddnzwcn8_15g3jrbpdf


See here for a very indepth view of Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets, presenter, drawing)



Below is a good step by step worksheet on setting up Google Docs



The following link if for a Extended Course run by Google on using docs in the classroom




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