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Recording Audio and Podcasting

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Podcasting is a technical term for making an audio recording. These audio recordings can be shared with students through a gallery within StudyWiz and eventually linked to their iTunes players. The video below describes the process.


This is an important tool that we can use to record students Oral Presentations for IB.





Practical examples to support learning


This is a podcasting assignment developed by Rowdy Boyeink for Physics. It includes an assessment matrix which might be useful.


Podcast Assignment Mechanics.pdf



Exercises to try


There are three possible applications to use.

  • QuickTime - this is the easiest to use and upload as podcast but will not let you export into a MP3 format
  • Garage Band - lets you record and then export in your chosen format. 



  1. Open Garage Band by typing in the spotlight button to top right.



  1. Choose either male or female from the top left
  2. Then click on male speech from the extreme right
  3. Then click on the record button at the bottom. Once you have started the recording window will scroll across and the green lights at the bottom should be flicking. 
  4. Once the student has finished, click on the record button again and then the play button to stop everything.
  5. You can drag the red bar back to the beginning of the recording and use the play button. 
  6. If you are happy with the result, click on share menu button at top, then export to disc
  7. Choose that the export is in MP4 Encoder format, but changing the AAC format. (this is a default format for macs)
  8. Then save the file to disk and back this folder up somewhere, perhaps by placing it on the shared DP Folder on the network.   



  1. Complete all of the novice tasks above. 



  1. Complete both the basic and apprentice sections above



  1. Complete all of the sections above





Further reading/exploration





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