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Apple Wiki's are a collaborative space where students can login and create pages to demonstrate understanding. They are best suited to small project work where you want students to create the knowledge and to synthesis information from a variety of multimedia sources. You can embed pictures, links and some videos into the Apple Wikis. You can also create the wiki as you go by adding links to new pages.






Practical examples to support learning


http://wiki.iss.edu.sg/groups/psychology/ This is a wiki for homework created for the Grade 11 DP Psychology Class. Student are using the comment functions to reflect on the questions. These types of activities are suited to pieces of work where there is not one "common accepted answer" and are more opinionated.



English B - Novel Study - This an example of a wiki where you want to keep the work on the students in one place so that everyone in the class can read each others work. This is for a novel study in Grade 11 English B with Fiona Edwards.


Great resource to explore for ideas…




These are more individual spaces where students can display their work. Good for goal setting and reflection. (ePortfolios)




Exercises to try



  1. Watch the Common Craft Video above about wiki
  2. Watch the video below for basic instruction on creating an ISS wiki page
  3. Open this website http://wiki.iss.edu.sg and sign in with your username and password.
  4. Click on the wiki logo and then create new from right hand side.
  5. The key hint for a wiki is to set up the permissions correctly. The video outlines this.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: d407a6d191cd46ea8cb34ed2d962a7fc




  1. Complete all of the novice tasks above.
  2. Create a page within your wiki, by choosing the pencil symbol and then the curved arrow logo. By choosing this option you can add the link within the page
  3. Use the comment functions and then check that you can delete a comment by clicking on the x symbol
  4. Add a picture and extract from a newspaper article into your wiki.
  5. Add a document or PDF of something that you could share with the students. 




  1. Complete all of the sections above
  2. Experiment with adding tabs to your page
  3. Click the button "add this to hot list" which will force the page to be shown on the front right menu bar.




  1. Think of a specific piece of work and learning that could be assisted by the use of a wiki.
  2. Add the link of your wiki into the information box within your StudyWiz class. 





Further reading/exploration


This is a really good overview about the difference between a wiki and blog and google doc. The differences are very subtle and hard to articulate, but this document does an ok job at contrasting the three options https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=ddnzwcn8_15g3jrbpdf 




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